Train Depot Project | Missoula, MT

The coming of the Northern Pacific Railway to Missoula ensured the town’s economic prosperity as a major transportation hub in Western Montana. The first depot in Missoula was constructed in 1883 and was located approximately 800 feet (240 m) west of the current structure. This depot was planned to be replaced in 1896, but the replacement depot was destroyed by arson before it was completed. The current depot, which was completed in 1901, was designed by architects Reed and Stem of St. Paul, Minnesota, in a simplified Renaissance Revival style of architecture. Reed and Stem designed over 100 railroad depots, including the Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

The depot is constructed of beige roman brick that had been salvaged by Northern Pacific from the railroad’s abandoned Olympian Hotel project in Tacoma, Washington, that would later be rebuilt as Stadium High School. Bricks from that hotel would also be used to construct a depot at Wallace, Idaho the same year The Missoula depot features a main three-story structure flanked by one story wings on each side. The main structure is divided by brick columns into six bays, with the outer four columns on each side sporting the Northern Pacific black and red yin-yang logo. The wings are likewise divided into four bays. The main structure has a hipped roof with terra cotta tiles, while the wings feature flat roofs.

Passenger trains of the Northern Pacific stopped at the depot through 1971, when passenger service in the United States was taken over by Amtrak. Amtrak continued to provide service to Missoula with the North Coast Hiawatha until 1979. The tracks are now used for freight only, and are owned by Montana Rail Link.

The depot was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 28, 1985 and is considered to be the most prominent structure symbolizing the importance of the railroad in developing and transforming Missoula’s economy. Near the depot is the preserved Northern Pacific #135

Square One Construction replaced the Ludowici Terra-cotta roofing tile that was applied in 1901 with new Ludowici Terra-cotta roofing tile in September 2020 bringing the roof to a full restoration.  

Train Depot Project | Helena, MT

In 1904 the Northern Pacific Railroad built the train station located here in Helena MT. In 1935 Helena suffered an earthquake that caused severe damages to the depot, along with other buildings in Helena. Pictured, is the roof being repaired in October of 1935, and 83 years later, Square One Construction re-roofed the building in September of 2018. Finally pictured is the difference between the building in 1957, and now as it stands in 2020.

The Barn Project

In 1906 began the remarkable story of Orvis Evans and Cornelius “Con” Kelly, or the Copper Kings. These two men wanted a place to spend the summers with their families, fishing, hunting, and relaxing. They found that place in Northwestern Montana on the Shores of Swan Lake. This is were they started, the now historic, Kootenai Lodge. The Barn was originally built in 1915 to house the Copper Kings polo ponies. Square One Construction was fortunate enough to keep this vision of these historic men going, with re-roofing The Barn in December of 2019. This 100 Ft Radius Barn is now roofed with Radiused 2” 24 GA Structural Mechanical Lock. Pictured below is the Copper Kings, The Barn in 1982, and The Barn present day.

Reeder's Alley Project | Helena, MT

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